PATRIOTISM is ugly this time.

See this ‘r not. ‘s all up to you.

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people will regard this as

foolish; may be, but do you?


We, as American
citizen’s were told
and expected that;
almost commanded
all, NOT some but all
enemies, foreign and
DomestiC. George did
have a European sense
of humor, did he not? si’


https full movie: BillyJack Vietnam Vets wake up you sleeple

draft dodgers be damned Whoever snuck that ‘s’ in fastfood was clever.

LordWe thank you for this day, where suggesting may go public: FIGHT he that hates U.S. The Book of Enoch It is God’s timepiece. Not oursthe3rdonlivewordpresscom3059USMCNCLFollow On War is hell, Americans: see Iraq Fatalities: 4900

Forgive U.S. that which we have done wrong; guide U.S. plz.


https full movie: BillyJack Vietnam Vets wake up you sleeple

draft dodgers be damned Whoever snuck that ‘s’ in fastfood was clever.

LordWe thank you for this day, where suggesting may go public: FIGHT he that hates U.S. a Book of Enoch It is God’s timepiece. not ours



Forgive U.S. that which we have done wrong; guide U.S. plz.

will be so proud of yourself.

music is the voice of angels is tune,

out of tune tones warp our minds,

notes of disruption – you do not need

to get involved, just know what’s happening.

like i said: pro-abortionist will not be in a source

of legislation. they just need, to accept defeat at the

attempt to circumvent honesty. God bless you all, in spite

of your wrong opinion. argue with U.S., only does you no go0d,

but serves up much more to refute the demoncrapic stuff they are

try to subvert the shallow popularity. not to point fingers, you know

who you are to attempt to fool our patriots the USMC will never let such

shit to get realized, it won’t occur. all you commie bastards. God has a last

battle cry; don’t worry, socialism is communism in diapers. o/

Much to learn, less to teach; some people do require personal tragedy to awaken themselves; to rehabilitate themselves (their thinking noodle; stuffed inside their cranium) as to think as a child. that is counting that they, you, me, some had considered Him at their early ages; when our mounds of opinion were not so soiled by other’s mindsets. we had always had questions: what about THIS? what about THATWHAT is REALLY WHAT? you know, it is not hard to react when we felt as though questions were only throwing a wrench in another’s mind. and in such case it was not specified that we took EVERYTHING to prayer. it’s STILL an ongoing conversation, a not so informal conversation that needed, in the younger decade’s any ‘signposts or fixed stoplights’ for U.S. to act. i HAD frequently not asked directions. as of now we speak to Him a great deal. replete with question that are often answered, even if only in our own little life’s soundtrack song, as far back oXford, AL in the year 1973, Dad was in Japan.

To abide in His love for U.S. is to make His Love is YOUR home. It’s not being a park alongside any road or a hotel that you occasionally visit, but your preferred dwelling. You may rest in Him. Eat in Him. When thunder claps, you step beneath His roofing. His walls secure U.S. from those winds. His fireplace warms U.S. from the winters of life. You know; when you see a lego-set that you really, really want to own? The visions dance inside your mind of what, exactly what, you will be creating with those wonderful blocks of plastic? This demands imagination in kids that are so consumed by the world of images. It is now, they/you can create reality. i hear ya Lord
let us get current, for our own sake.

h b/, m
The Change
There’s no such
a thing called death

It’s just a transformation,
yeah yeah yeah
Boy George Roman
and Queen Elizabeth
All go from station to station
There is no end, it always goes on;
There’s no end for you, there’s no end not for me
mon cherie

It’s true {yodel}, don’t be blue {yodel}
When we lay down receiving life’s crown
Open your eyes right now
Oh please be nice anyhow
It’s gonna be no end for me

You fight with others just
because we aren’t
all Accumulating
rubbish inside yourself
You have to throw it out,
yes you have to throw it out
Human relationships are just so-so today
It’s not too deep and darkness stands in our way
How about the light, I’m finished with the night

There is no end,
always goes sTake my hand
And then we go the way,
decide if you’ll
leave or if
you’ll stay
Say, what
you say?
hey hey hey

Our religions have to fight with one another
JUST because we have the same father and mother
We shouldn’t think them strange
So we have to do the change, the change

And our children live in danger and in sorrow
Who knows if they’re not radioactive by tomorrow?
We shouldn’t think it strange but we have to do the Change

Yes we have to do the Change
We have to do the Change (4x)
The Change, the Change, the Change

When we don’t wake up now, who knows if we wake up at all!
We’re so important and wish we would not fall
Deep down with Babylon, where’s everybody gone?

It’s true {yodel}, don’t be blue {yodel}
When we lay down receiving life’s crown
And then we go the way, decide if you’ll leave or if you’ll stay
Say, what you say? C’mon, hey hey hey

It’s true {yodel},
don’t be blue {yodel}
When we lay down… 

Nina Hagen – Unity | Lyrics
Let’s enjoy! Invalid entry To deny charges hang up now
to accept charges press now to deny charges And never receive a new
Nina Hagen – Alchemy of Love | Lyrics
Come to you across the divide Looking out a wrinkle in time There’s nothing less
I would do Than to stand up for truth In the cold dark ways Of this lonely place
Nina Hagen – Don’t Kill the Children | Lyrics

Posted on 
 Faith in in these UNITED STATES in
spite the stuff going on in the west

November 11, 2020 at 6:47.02PM


hi Lee! Thank You so!

Don’t kill the animals Don’t kill the animals The animals are
free Eree-eee Don’t kill the animals Don’t kill the animals The
Nina Hagen – Starlit Hour | Lyrics
Love here in the starlit hour Oh, heaven is in your eyes While the wind is
sobbing Under the stars Both our hearts are throbbing two guitars Love here in
Nina Hagen – All Over Nothing at All | Lyrics
Ooh, all over nothing at all You built me up to a waterfall We made up and then Quarreled again All over nothing at all You pinned a note to the wall I thought at
Nina Hagen – Fever | Lyrics
Never know how much I love you Never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a fever that’s so hard to bear You give me fever when you kiss me
Nina Hagen – If You Ever Should Leave | Lyrics
If you ever should leave Why would I want to live? Darling, you must believe
won’t you try to forgive? What a fool I would be If I fooled with your love for me
Nina Hagen – Rainbow | Lyrics
Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high There’s a land that I heard of Once in a
lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to
Nina Hagen – Rhythm & Romance | Lyrics
Rhythm and romance Romance and rhythm Taught me to sparkle anew Brought me the remarkable you, sweetheart Rhythm and romance Romance, rhythm An inconceivable
Nina Hagen – The Lady Loves Me | Lyrics
She loves me, she loves me not She loves me, she loves me not She loves me,
loves me The lady loves me and it shows In spite of the way she turns up her nose
Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen

Catharina Nina Hagen; born March 11, 1955, in (communist) East Berlin. An opera prodigy at age 9, in East Germany by age 17, she emigrated to West Berlin by age 21.
have it that she was kicked out for being too “punk rock”. The Urban myth is false, reality.
Nina Hagen since became a household name in most Europe, as singer-songwriter
actress with, the reputation as wide as her 5-octave vocal prowess, from the
unheard freak” to the “inspiring diva-divine goddess of music” die hard
devotees choose a version of latter “descriptive”, various language

“the Mother of Punk” Giorgio Moroder produced fourth,
LP: Fearless, the un-punk album, and too strange to
dub as purely pop/new-wave record. It yielded a
Top 10 12” night club dance track in the U.S.,
Nina’s original “New York, New York”,
opera chops intact.Ten years ago,
Nina’s commercial career began at
Automobil, with a hit in East Germany,
in the formerly Soviet-controlled Eastern
“GDR” Bloc of Germany, “Du hast den Farbfilm
Vergessen”. Translation: “You Forgot the Colour Film”.
The 1974 song wasn’t “punk”, but lyrics? An ambiguously
clear metaphor, a clever jab at the constraining drab “gray”
of wall-bound East Germany. Luckily the Soviet authorities did
not execute Nina nor Automobile’s musicians for such subversion.
The music was and remains just too musical. It even has a video; too.

“The Mother of Punk”? Nina’s prominence in the punk and new wave “scenes”
late 1970s and early 1980s began in earnest with 1978’s “The Nina Hagen Band”.

Since then, Nina’s colorful, prolific career, including film – stage acting, on-camera political/religious zeal (particularly as a “Talk Show” personality), and sought-after “guest vocalist” (many, many songs by varied and numerous acts feature Nina’s vocals) has, in the U.S., been relegated to that of a 3-album cult artist, if measured by American label-support. Youtube, drenched with official and unofficial-Nina Hagen cornucopias, does her “influence” justice

and U.S. flavored streaming sites include her insane-alternative
1982 NunSexMonkRock (originally on CBS Records), her 2001
“comeback” album, Return of Mother, her Christian-blues-
alterna-country-gospel-covers, 2010’s Personal Jesus.

Nina’s repertoire of 15 studio albums includes
her 1999 double album of Vedic chanting
Om Namah Shivay, released for charity.

Generally, her “spiritual” nature,
often conveyed in her music.

Was “Personal Jesus”
THE “devotional.”

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If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make your free. John 8:31, 32 “when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction comes.” 1 Thessalonians… My children, I come. Hearts eager to do My Will, send out a call that ever I find irresistible. I know no barrier then. Resignation to My Will keeps Me barred out from more Hearts than does unbelief. Can anything be such a crime against Love as being resigned? My Will should be welcomed with a glad wonder if I am to do My Work in the heart and life. The only resignation that could possibly be acceptable to Me is when Self, ousted by My claims, accepts the inevitable and resigns the throne for Me, leaving My Disciple free to carry out My Will, to welcome My Will gladly, rapturously. In all true discipleship, and in the true spiritual development of each disciple, there is first the wonder and the joy of first acquaintance, then comes the long plain stretch of lesson-learning and discipline, when Joy seems so much a thing of the past as never to be recaptured again. But the constant experience of Me, the constant persistent recognition of My Work in daily happenings — the ever accumulating weight of evidence in support of My Guidance — the numberless instances in which seeming c hance or wonderful coincidence can be, must be, traced back to My loving forethought — all these gradually engender a feeling of wonder, certainty, gratitude, followed in time by Joy. Joy is of two kinds. The Joy born of Love and Wonder, and the Joy born of Love and Knowledge, and between the experience of the two Joys lie discipline, disappointment, almost disillusion. But combat these in My Strength, or rather cling blindly, helplessly to Me and let Me combat them, persevere in obeying My Will, accept My discipline, and the second Joy will follow . And of this second Joy it was that I said, “Your joy no man taketh from you.” Do not regret the first, the second is the greater gift. -

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