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Jose San Martin
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Pitch White


Ain’t So Sweet

Religious Experience

Mr Fat Cat

Rhythm Trance

Queen Bee

X’s For Eyes!
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Daily Lesson

No one will save you, but if you listen there will be someone that teach you to save yourself.  It can be anyone; a parent, a spouse, a teacher, a friend,

even an unknown on the internet.  You must be ready to listen and most importantly to do what is necessary.  The Lord: always pointing the way

with His gentle touch, pay attention it may least expected person in to



beginning with IUMA: 1996 this man, the fool on the hill

the public library in uptown Charlotte… we found

Nina Hagen’s site, we sorta pleased to see, not

hear [then] David’s favorite voice from 1983



if only to be transported to my little am stereo

in this nifty pad; really dig 2021/02/22/12221757

David’s so unexpurgated, clean (well, sometimes…)

generally decent mood.


They Might Be

what fun is that? see, we began on IUMA: 1996 from the

public library in uptown Charlotte… we found Nina Hagen’s

site, we sorta pleased to see, not hear [then] David’s favorite

voice from 1983’s seeing HASTINGS RECORDS AND BOOKS

made this $3 bin. in it FEARLESS & NUNSEXMONKROCK were

only to be transported to a little stereo in this nifty pad really _dig

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now it’s three o’clock. here’s a blog that’s several feet long. so…

Gravatar – it’s two thirty nine am o’clock 12/18/20

“If only more of today’s military personnel

If only more of today’s military personnel

would realize that they are being used by the

owner elites as publicly subsidized capitalist

goon squad.” Smedly Butler

. \o/ .\o/ . \o/ |o/ \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/. \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ ..\o/ .  \o/ . \o/

David Buckle
 at 11:1?
we weren’t done yet.
Posted 10 days ago 10 days ago
rIOrARErECORDS update 1142021
Elvis Presley
X’s for Eyes
/•\ intent on it • David Buckle; a doer at right now /•\
<1989.24.59-1990.1.0 AD – Huntsville, Texas>
Dead Sea Scrolls in Charlotte NC Otis 2007
doer at today’s
Even though David was a son of Him, he had yet learned rightful obedience; his calamity that was /o\ DID educate me, as a follower of Him that allegiance to me: meant no immunity from His discipline. The house of your spirit is fashioned via experienced lessons; Love, and Obedience Truth; there is a plan, and each action of yours: brick in its building. Think. A misguided act, a neglected duty, a failure to carry out any of His wishes Wishes mean not only a missing brick but a faulty edifice. How many an otherwise noble character is spoilt thus. Build now an eternity. Trust, not other men, for all are failures onto
His standard. not being a required standard; Faith. in His Son completely eradicates that law. it works, Trust
X’s for Eyes/imposter
The southern lights or aurora
Australia’s are only visible in the
southern hemisphere, the best places
to experience this phenomenon is in the
southern-most destinations of this world: New Zealand.
Sep 14, 2020 blog for all to see. there’re not
any special formula or trick, just college guys giving a big
house that slept two member’s girlfriends… simple
Sat, Dec 19, 1:48 PM
still love ’em.
all that’s publicized,
there seems to be no end result dave digs promotion, even if said
act is but a spirit. a spirit that still resides in mine and Lee’s mind. it
is a matter of two actors finding that spark between the two that do
cement the friendship that evolves the Pizza Hut Delivery hope, that
Lake Road location in Huntsville.
“Almost gettin’ there…”REGRET?” WAS a power-driver,
if you are good at spotting the opportunity sitting right in a
centre of a problem.” – Richard Branson
Todd Rundgren knows the story, ask him, if you like.
………. lessee here, i so ramble…
………… https-youtu-be-ll1jheleepo see?
…………. minutes ago ………….. ‘s sort of a newbie, every morning.
…………… been at *this since 1997, or 202o…
…………….. >< can any help us make? coop’s unknown Where’s Lee D.?
……………… never has anyone contacted me to help… uhhh, no foolin’
………………. #love #help #joy #@
………………… He made everything beautiful for its own sweet time.
…………………. gig a begun in 1976.
dig you

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If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make your free. John 8:31, 32 “when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction comes.” 1 Thessalonians… My children, I come. Hearts eager to do My Will, send out a call that ever I find irresistible. I know no barrier then. Resignation to My Will keeps Me barred out from more Hearts than does unbelief. Can anything be such a crime against Love as being resigned? My Will should be welcomed with a glad wonder if I am to do My Work in the heart and life. The only resignation that could possibly be acceptable to Me is when Self, ousted by My claims, accepts the inevitable and resigns the throne for Me, leaving My Disciple free to carry out My Will, to welcome My Will gladly, rapturously. In all true discipleship, and in the true spiritual development of each disciple, there is first the wonder and the joy of first acquaintance, then comes the long plain stretch of lesson-learning and discipline, when Joy seems so much a thing of the past as never to be recaptured again. But the constant experience of Me, the constant persistent recognition of My Work in daily happenings — the ever accumulating weight of evidence in support of My Guidance — the numberless instances in which seeming c hance or wonderful coincidence can be, must be, traced back to My loving forethought — all these gradually engender a feeling of wonder, certainty, gratitude, followed in time by Joy. Joy is of two kinds. The Joy born of Love and Wonder, and the Joy born of Love and Knowledge, and between the experience of the two Joys lie discipline, disappointment, almost disillusion. But combat these in My Strength, or rather cling blindly, helplessly to Me and let Me combat them, persevere in obeying My Will, accept My discipline, and the second Joy will follow . And of this second Joy it was that I said, “Your joy no man taketh from you.” Do not regret the first, the second is the greater gift. -

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