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But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his
subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.
2 Corinthians 11:3
Carry out My Commands and leave the result to Me.
Do this as obediently and faithfully as you would expect
a child to follow out a given rule in the working of a sum, with
no question but that, if the working out according to commands,
the result will be right. Remember that the commands I have given
you have been already worked out by Me in the Spirit World to produce
in your case, and in your circumstances, the required result. So follow My Rules faithfully. Realize that herein lies the perfection of Divine Guidance.

To follow a rule, laid down, even by earth’s wisest, might lead to disaster. The
knowledge of your individual life and character, capability, circumstances,
and temptations must be, to some extent, lacking, but to follow My
Direct Guidance means to carry out instructions given with a full
knowledge of you and the required result. Each individual was
meant to walk with Me in this way, act under Divine Control,
strengthened by Divine Power.Did I not taught you to love
simplicity? No matter what the world may think, earth’s
aims and intrigues are not for you. Oh! My Children,
learn of Me. Simplicity brings rest. True rest and Power
To the world foolishness, maybe, but to Me a foretaste
of Divinity. Never be led by the world’s standard. My Standard only is for you.

April 18, 2021 3:33 am

dig, not meaning you should, do dig it,

just get a book in a nearer time — READ! stick it to the man. it’s all the commun cor shit.

Are you falsely accused?

Unfairly abused?


is part of

this life,

but not the

next. Dan Rather

than begrudge

life’s troubles, go

listen to them… so

Certain moments… so

hideous, nothing else will do.

the UFO

did it

David Buckle
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David Buckle
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David Buckle
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David Buckle
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flock of seagulls

did it

police officer uses a spray agent on Caron Nazario
In this image made from Windsor (Va.) Police video, a police officer uses a spray agent on Caron Nazario on Dec. 5, 2020, in Windsor, Va. Nazario, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, is suing two Virginia police officers over a traffic stop during which he says the officers drew their guns and pointed them at him as he was dressed in uniform. (Windsor Police via AP)

April 12, 2021 @ | via Gina Harkins

The sergeant major of the Army commended the second lieutenant

whose December traffic stop prompted a lawsuit and the firing of a Virginia

police officer for remaining cool as a pair of cops pointed their weapons at him.

“Like many of you,” Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston said Monday, “I was concerned by the video of [2nd Lt. Caron] Nazario’s traffic stop in December. He represented himself and our Army through his calm, professional response

to the situation — I’m very proud of him.”

Bless his heart.


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Pitch White

dig this?

dig’s fave/bands

PHOTOGRAPHS and art stuff… fiona apple… now she is cool



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what do you call those plastic things at the end of shoelaces? aglets

what year were tennis balls officially changed from white to yellow? 1967 this site might not at first. chill and see it go

who can we trust .. .o. .. ‘Hey Mike !

today, hand deliver all your e-mails, only.

when were postage stamps invented? 1840

what is that, only, food that never spoils? honey

what is the second most popular feline name? patches

what is the longest recorded flight of a chicken? 13 seconds

how many bricks make up the empire state building? 10 million

what is the name of the Angel that is present while David sleeps? Lee

the last fm page i assured would be to the captain of the USS NORWAY & TODD

RUNDGREN [the same 2007] was about 950 songs of this record collection…

suspect that TR saw the list i’d done that we spoke of while he began IUMA,

me discovering Nina Hagen‘s TOTAL OBSCURITY site in the same month an internet archive of music was seen in the same virtual library that found it suitable for David to be a actually get ‘booked‘ at the downtown police station of 282o2 for accessing a playboi channel in that PUBLIC LIBRARY…  that is one dance my memory does.

2020/11/18 mucho, Todd big fat zero! \o/’s fave/bands

PHOTOGRAPHS and art stuff…


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WATCH ME DANCE! sheeeit...


astonished me; didn’t amaze. He does things often like this, you know what i mean. – dig

NCL \/ freestylecruiseGreatStirrupCay

112o212o2pm Gooch

music inspires

Jose San Martin
Stickup Artist



Pitch White


Ain’t So Sweet

Religious Experience

Mr Fat Cat

Rhythm Trance

Queen Bee

X’s For Eyes!
to bcc: HGT

Daily Lesson

No one will save you, but if you listen there will be someone that teach you to save yourself.  It can be anyone; a parent, a spouse, a teacher, a friend,

even an unknown on the internet.  You must be ready to listen and most importantly to do what is necessary.  The Lord: always pointing the way

with His gentle touch, pay attention it may least expected person in to



beginning with IUMA: 1996 this man, the fool on the hill

the public library in uptown Charlotte… we found

Nina Hagen’s site, we sorta pleased to see, not

hear [then] David’s favorite voice from 1983



if only to be transported to my little am stereo

in this nifty pad; really dig 2021/02/22/12221757

David’s so unexpurgated, clean (well, sometimes…)

generally decent mood.


They Might Be

what fun is that? see, we began on IUMA: 1996 from the

public library in uptown Charlotte… we found Nina Hagen’s

site, we sorta pleased to see, not hear [then] David’s favorite

voice from 1983’s seeing HASTINGS RECORDS AND BOOKS

made this $3 bin. in it FEARLESS & NUNSEXMONKROCK were

only to be transported to a little stereo in this nifty pad really _dig

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now it’s three o’clock. here’s a blog that’s several feet long. so…

Gravatar – it’s two thirty nine am o’clock 12/18/20

“If only more of today’s military personnel

If only more of today’s military personnel

would realize that they are being used by the

owner elites as publicly subsidized capitalist

goon squad.” Smedly Butler

. \o/ .\o/ . \o/ |o/ \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/. \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ . \o/ ..\o/ .  \o/ . \o/

David Buckle
 at 11:1?
we weren’t done yet.
Posted 10 days ago 10 days ago
rIOrARErECORDS update 1142021
Elvis Presley
X’s for Eyes
/•\ intent on it • David Buckle; a doer at right now /•\
<1989.24.59-1990.1.0 AD – Huntsville, Texas>
Dead Sea Scrolls in Charlotte NC Otis 2007
doer at today’s
Even though David was a son of Him, he had yet learned rightful obedience; his calamity that was /o\ DID educate me, as a follower of Him that allegiance to me: meant no immunity from His discipline. The house of your spirit is fashioned via experienced lessons; Love, and Obedience Truth; there is a plan, and each action of yours: brick in its building. Think. A misguided act, a neglected duty, a failure to carry out any of His wishes Wishes mean not only a missing brick but a faulty edifice. How many an otherwise noble character is spoilt thus. Build now an eternity. Trust, not other men, for all are failures onto
His standard. not being a required standard; Faith. in His Son completely eradicates that law. it works, Trust
X’s for Eyes/imposter
The southern lights or aurora
Australia’s are only visible in the
southern hemisphere, the best places
to experience this phenomenon is in the
southern-most destinations of this world: New Zealand.
Sep 14, 2020 blog for all to see. there’re not
any special formula or trick, just college guys giving a big
house that slept two member’s girlfriends… simple
Sat, Dec 19, 1:48 PM
still love ’em.
all that’s publicized,
there seems to be no end result dave digs promotion, even if said
act is but a spirit. a spirit that still resides in mine and Lee’s mind. it
is a matter of two actors finding that spark between the two that do
cement the friendship that evolves the Pizza Hut Delivery hope, that
Lake Road location in Huntsville.
“Almost gettin’ there…”REGRET?” WAS a power-driver,
if you are good at spotting the opportunity sitting right in a
centre of a problem.” – Richard Branson
Todd Rundgren knows the story, ask him, if you like.
………. lessee here, i so ramble…
………… https-youtu-be-ll1jheleepo see?
…………. minutes ago ………….. ‘s sort of a newbie, every morning.
…………… been at *this since 1997, or 202o…
…………….. >< can any help us make? coop’s unknown Where’s Lee D.?
……………… never has anyone contacted me to help… uhhh, no foolin’
………………. #love #help #joy #@
………………… He made everything beautiful for its own sweet time.
…………………. gig a begun in 1976.
dig you

there is ALWAYS an edit…

No photo description available.
last photography university assignment. was a few minutes before than class was completed

smiling for showing before the class let out; DID show; in time.


October 2nd

we saw that movie on a plane-flight; it was so bad i walked out…”

impressed,we repost: IKE ,

‘re happy to keep

doing good;



if you wish.

it is a good thing

is YOUr website ?

doing what’s done

is keeping my word; not

GETsome ticket to Heaven. none

Truth is not one deserves that free pass

no nowhat it is: decenter online activity

No photo description available.

Life may not come with a map, we all experience twists and turns, in that everyday challenges to traumatic events with more lasting impact, like a death a loved one, life-altering accident, or a serious illness. Each change affects people differently, bringing unique floods of thought, strong emotions, uncertainty. And so people in general adapt well over time; life-changing situations, to stressful situations part with thanks to resilience.

here’s a long blog; it may be taller than us.

do no thing: be left behind.

this intent, shared with Chip Richter in the 1st lunch @ Brazoswood High School; as him

No photo description available.
Mrs. Gottschalk? THIS was what we spoke
about in your office.. in 1983; but the method of
confidence wasn’t too construed; but it was in mind
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7182137876_75fcc2de0b_b.jpg

this poster was made 5.11 years after our discussion,
THIS was what i meant; by the way, the T-shirt this
may be silk-screened on mobile signage; not too
so not too many will promote for us… yo no se’.

here’s a job for any of you who pay mind to our essays, generally believe us; peace.

you know, ‘m certain there’s a ‘sniglet,’ or something that provides definition for the the act of piracy in the conceptual dimension. stealing of idea is sort of assuredly a most profitable crime. especially, the preceding word should be, OR italicized, bold or an irrefutable member of some unique class of words; big fan of Rich Hall am in one subject some may feign any title of it provided. THIS MASTER of the English Language did, to me anyhow, expose everybody to a clever charge in connection with the word.

Richard Travis Hall is an American comedian, Writer, a documentary maker; musician. First coming to prominence as a sketch comedian; in the 1980s. He wrote, performed for a range of American networks, in series such as NotNecessarilytheNews , Saturday Night Live. Wikipedia is born 1954. sixty-six, sixteen senior. Alexandria, VA  Not Necessarily the News nifty



should we go?

yea, fur on a stick

ah hah… Melbourne.


nifty idea:

The universal breath of life

It’s vapors breathed on the color spectrum

Just for an instant, revealing

Ribbons hugging the earth

Reflecting fantasia prisms,

Rising from arcadia’s springs

Materializing just long enough to be seen –

As if in seeing them, they become real.


Heavens’ glow,

Elysium’s blush,

Valhalla’s sunrise,

Paradise’s parasol,

And perhaps,

A reminder

Of what it might be like

To believe,

In magic.

David had, long ago; it is really not that lonely. keep faith directed where it should be

some may disprove of us coupling brash, at times offensive material cussing and stuff

with beautiful prose. however, rethink or not that opinion.. realize that everything is one. beauty of the coffee you just drank, to the slap some just gave you. ‘stuff’ ‘things,’ are it’s all in the plan, either accidental or not stuff happens at the precise time, precise location to costar with the movement you never see ever. those variegated actions make up the that wonderful experience we are all, each one of us are living in is saying about the breeze in Africa effecting/affecting the typhoon in the Gulf of Mexico half a world away. bringing calamity to all life, live’s in ‘it’s’ path is as factual as WE think. for Everything is connected; there’s no getting around it. that’s the law of nature.

Give your Mother a ring.

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David Buckle  we so enjoyed Mar 15, 2021, 2:22 PMElvis music
Take heed; it’s all Joy.

therefore a rest
to the people of God
For he that is entered into
his rest, he also hath ceased from
his own works, as God did from his.
Hebrews 4:9,10

And after the second veil, a tabernacle which
is called the Holiest of all;
9:4Which had the golden censer, and the ark of the
covenant overlaid round about with gold, wherein 
was the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron’s
rod that budded, and the tables of the covenant;
9:5And over it the cherubim of glory shadowing the mercy-seat; of which we cannot now speak particularly.  
9:6Now when these things were thus ordained, the priests went always into the first tabernacle, accomplishing the service of God.  
9:7But into the second went the high priest alone once every year,
not without blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors
of the people:
That’s who He is
9:8The Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was
yet standing:
9:9Which was a figure for the time then present, in which were
offered both gifts and sacrifices, that could not make him
that did the service perfect, as pertaining to the conscience;
9:10Which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings,
and carnal ordinances, imposed on them until the time of reformation.

pay attention; or not, it’d completely up to you

“Everyone is all entitled to their own opinions; but nobody

is entitled to their own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

to counter all the anti-vaccine people CLAIMING

that the U.S,. government is killing us citizens

THAT’s a bit stupid to believe, I THINK,

therefor we act accordingly…

He is in control of
our circumstances

Jose San Martin’s
Daily Lesson

Our world is no perfect place
nor will it ever be but the setting
sun promises the darkness of night
and the breaking dawn the rising sun,
I thank the Lord for another day in His
wonderful world. All your problems have
a solution if you place your trust in the Lord.

quit and smile

This is Pitch White talking to the U.S.


February 28, 2021

PATRIOTISM is ugly this time.
See this ‘r not. ‘s all up to you.

Posted on October 23, 2020

people may regard this as
foolish; may be; do you?

PRAY; not if

but when

real stuff begins
occurring; Christ

will continue to Help

His U.S.;

do please come down.

full movie: BillyJack, ]

Vietnam Vets, 

Whoever snuck that ‘s’ in fastfood

was a clever individual.

Lord, We Thank You for today.

FIGHT he that hates U.S.

Judge J


It is God’s Timepiece.

now – 216211:03.01AM

but would appreciate to know

YOUR view on the subject please.

‘life is like a camera, if it doesn’t seem

right just refocus and take another shot… ‘

thought this everyday in school.kumala is the best bullet proof vest.

that’s David Buckle’s recommendation having

just about gone through a whole roll of his film. dig?


listen to a memory, cherished one
Stand Firm, eh eh eh… Liberate St. CroiX, was…
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