Dear You,
A mother’s love is a powerful thing.
When a mother or mother figure loses
a child to a drunk driving crash, their entire
world is ripped apart. That pain moves them to
fight so no other mothers have to go through that
horrible experience.That’s why all month long, we’re
celebrating the strength of mothers who have persevered
under traumatic circumstances. In honor of all of the mothers in this fight, your gift is matched, up to $30,000, thanks to our generous group of donors. And kindhearted supporters will go twice as far to prevent more losses and pain. Donate; if you’ve

some spare change, share… and/or some more.

Be inspired by the women, moms,
and the bravest among us who face
unimaginable pain yet are working to end this crime.

Join their fight this Mother’s Month
and make 2X the impact. Together,
we can end this crime for good.

Alex Otte


MADD National President

David Buckle, being a drunk driving victim, any
organization could be counting on us to assist in any
way, any shape or any form you wish. please do not be that
paranoid of inquiring how my long awaited life situation had been in the way deep recesses of this tiny bit torn brain. that is not meant as a joke.


a boat for a

Be blessed

About it, Life

Work, what we are willing to spend our time on. none will lose following

Doer of Things at me myself and i… November 27, 1992 – Present · Charlotte, North Carolina — Being alone is a best way to be; but boy, it sure gets lonely. – 28202 you figure it out; where is it written that everything about the internet needs to be spoon- fed? If there’s a cloud over the net for you, ask a seven year old, OR his/her friends – well, Shannon Smith, bless her heart, did come and visit me while in town in 1997…

Jose San Martin
Wed, Apr 28, 9:01 PM (2 days ago)

His Gentle Touch  

Everything has a price, the 
question is how much are you 
willing to give to get what you 
want. Will you give up family to 
move for a better job? 
Will you give up leisure
time to work more 
  Will you change yourself 
to advance?  Not everyone that 
has not progressed in the eyes of the 
world is a failure.  Many just value what 
they have more than what they might get.  
True success is measured by inner peace 
and a relationship with God, not
bank balance.  

The Daily Life Lesson is 
not clear, please feel free to ask for 
clarification or if you wish to submit a 
Daily Lesson please contact me at

Studied Photography on Facebook at Sam Houston State UniversityAlso studied Photography·1990 – 1992..Life’s a journey.. truth always goes back to beginning

Studied Mixed Media at Sam Houston State College Also studied Hasting’s Records and Books·Class of 1992

photography chair Dr. Emit Jackson – GREAT

met Reid J. in this class, we ended up slapping

stuff on pizzas together at Pizza Hut Delivery,

one day Dave said: “let’s make a band…”

Went to Brazoswood Highschool

August 31, 1985 – 1989 Jazz band

Marine Biology/English/Spanish/Band

Went to Brazoswood High School Class of 1989 Spanish III TA

——— The greatest man: Sen’or – Herbert Torres ————-

Marine Biology SHE was too cool for school. Jazz 1 smoother 6th

period; Kenny G would be impressed as would Maynard Ferguson,

RIP; yet we saw him at UNCC in 2007, for the second time, first time

was at Rockefellers on Washington st. that’s where i first met *John

and John of They Might Be Giants ~ Jazz Band III

best band director, English Class, BEST teacher, hands down. WISE

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