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X’s for Eyes LlVE



you think people pay attention?

proved to be unlikely

we’re not upset… least they had the opportunity


a reason to smile

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children! lyk9MBY72U 0d3XbH12cs

We do, don’t we.

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His child serves Him with thanks… forever. dig:

Nina Hagen spaceage lovesong


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roller skates in it for Love ‘Til Tuesday

somuch, Ninais.

x4lX0jKXktY wG5R7vyu-mA These Eyes

Thank you for downloading “Valley Before The Mount.
Midnight Special!

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YOU ARE MAGICAL 8-28In “Faith”Edit “Nina Hagen spaceage lovesong…”

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Be strong, as able, but if we’re lacking you know where to turn, limitless grace,-80.8484313,901m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8856a02ede9752a3:0x77a69fe85cd0f36f!8m2!3d35.2255114!4d-80.8462426 Daily Lesson liars lose – action, not words Life is all fun and games until you drive away the one you love. All things have a place in our lives it is just that some are more important than others. The sooner you learn the difference the happier you will be. Never forget the presence; importance of the Lord in your life. do you feel like i do? on the side of the house, just beside the living-room @ NASA Oh, Lee. THANK YOU! not to avoid giving props to my hero, in jazz, and humor: —- —– View all posts by 12/22/2019

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look, see… …and accept death

The Longest Nonpattern Word

A longest nonpattern word ever devised utilizes 23 of the 26 letters of our alphabet: bet PUBVEXINGFJORD-SCHMALTZY, signifying as if in the manner of the extreme sentiment alism generated: some individuals by the sight: that majestic fjord, sentimentalism are those annoying to the clientele of an English inn. This word is also an example of going to the uttermost limit in the way of verbal creativeness. (Dmitri Borgmann, Language on that Vacation: An Olio of Orthographical Oddities. Scribner, 1965)

perhaps play Jazz at a soft volume, whilst blogging… just sayin’

hear him


yea… what he sa[ys/id]
some think we have nothing to teach, and what we do is not heeded; we do try.

once upon a time…

George Washington and Religion

[the following is a draft of a talk on this subject and is not for publication or use without my express written consent

Talk for Teachers’ Institute at Mount Vernon

July 21, 1999

“A Sly Old Fox”?

George Washington and Religion


He dwelling in the secret place of the most High 
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalm 91:1
Lord, Thou art our Refuge. Our God, in Thee do we trust. O Master, come and talk with us. All power is given unto Me. It is Mine to give, Mine to withhold, but even I have to acknowledge that I cannot withhold it from the soul that dwells near Me, because it is then not a gift, but passes insensibly from Me to My disciples.It is breathed in by the soul who lives in My Presence. Learn to shut yourself away in My Presence – and then, without speaking, you have those things you desire of Me, Strength, Power, Joy

wow, this is so profitable – this is
important, thank You for A voice.

Life may not come with any map, yet everyone will experience twists and turns.

Everyday challenges to traumatic events with more lasting impact, like the death of loved ones, a life-altering accident, that serious illness. Each change affects people differently, bringing a unique flood of thought, strong emotions and uncertainty. So people do adapt well, over time, to life-changing situations and stressful situations; thanks to resilience.

we’ were newbies once, still we put our pants one leg at a time every morning though.

“It’s alright to do things the way you want. There is no map to life, no blueprints to survival, you can create your world day by day if you have a clear vision and an unwillingness to give up. ” – John O’Callaghan

I grew up in a world where I always thought, “Well, this is what I’m supposed to do.” For me, I was supposed to go to college. I was supposed to get that job right away, because that is what I thought was normal. There is nothing wrong with this, but when I meet people who are my age and have chosen to skip out on things like that, and are still doing incredible things with their life, I feel so inspired. There truly is/was no map. Things happen ]whether they are shit or not. That’s called life,] plans fall through, we move places unexpectedly. All’s part of the game. If we have determination and goals, mindset is all it takes. Know that you achieve whatever you want to achieve, and it will happen.

David’s been at *this since 1996, or 21.14.2021

how can you help me make a great impression

never has anyone contacted me to help… no foolin’.  #love #help #joy

God made everything beautiful for its own time; He planted

me here. #motivation 1 Kings 10:9 

pay attention


just listen if you wish

plain gold ring

do you think this fight is over?


answer: hardly

buddone corruption ?

this is BIG statement of the things that bother, don’t know about you, but they all do, to me… that cad does not need to be elevated to the leader of the world‘s oval office. consider these: NOt at this time, but i may, later question, bet he gets spanked over that one.

byden corruption!

apocalypse’s is often

misconstrued with apocalypse

buydone corruption. \o/

two; not such a great change; but

would have been different, just the same.

11:46 0f 51:27


Mildred Stinson Koehler


Mary Ensor Smith



SHSU 1991

people need to, i think, think hard about this image, understand real meaning of

promoting of stated image. I took this photograph in Huntsville, Texas at the state

original main prison, Mr. Sabattier obviously looking down in the developing-room at

SHSU presenting this honest affect pronouncing light upon our savior’s place of death.

it was very serious, to see this affect, not purposed blasphemy, a fact it’s no blasphemy,

again this is only my opinion. let it be known: this here photograph was purposeful; when

it’s after affect once viewed initial like was too pleasing to me. in the consideration of the

such a photo would would create in the public eye gazing this artistic expression; that did

cement the opinion that to the casual onlooker it seems as a rotten image that was not a

respectful of the Cross of Christ. if David Buckle feigned biased opinion that effect of an

assumption could have steered me clear of the printing. an un-interest in a photography

style could have some assume that it being blasphemous. avoiding of such controversy

is not, has never, not then, now or ever fueled my activity, this circumstance: assigned

photo assignment (received, Professor Ernest Jackson, the photography department

chair, an A+ by the way) it’s my understanding that there can be learned, that truest

personality trait each of us own, can be understood the character of a person. may

not be voiced, but is divulged to those who aim to understand some personalities.

December 2, 202o’s ‘COME THIRSTY

Does Jesus fear death? No. The giver of life would not. Should the Christian fear judgement or death? No, not at all. “(Our standing in the world is identical with Jesus Christ’s.” [I John 4:17]


The Armor of God
all of our country will get what it
deserves, will what it receives;
life has unwritten regulations.

We all have to choose, choose wisely, life or death

roe vs wade – 1973, is the government sinning forcing U.S. be vaccinated? 12/1./20 7:49.43 PM


this country deserves what it receives; life has unwritten regulations.

We all have to choose, choose wisely, life or death


biden harrU.S. abortion NOW

all are free to hear or not, we suggest you do

Nov. 2nd, 5:22 PM 2020


is now November 2nd 2020

The Will of God i know i didn’t do anything wrong today.

God uses struggles to toughen our spiritual skin.

Consider it a gift, friend, when, test, challenges

arrive at our every side., you know that under a 

force beyond our control out faith-life is forced

into the open so all aware people take notice

as to how deep those true colors run inside

one’s being. We caution most to not try to 

escape circumstance prematurely. Let it 

do it’s work so we can become mature

and well-developed, no deficiency in

any way, shape or form. James 1:2

The craftsman places an ingot of 

silver on an anvil and pounds with 

a sledgehammer. Once the metal is 

flat enough for shaping, in a furnace it 

goes. The worker alternately heats and 

pounds the metal until it takes the shape 

of a tool he can use. Heating, pounding. 

Heating, pounding. Dead-lines, traffic. 

Arguments, disrespect. Loud sirens, 

silent-phones. Heating, pounding. Heating, pounding.

silence, phones. Heating, pounding. Heating, pounding.

Did you know that the smith in silversmith comes from the 

old english word smite? Silversmiths: accomplished smiters. 

So is God. Once a worker is satisfied with the form of his tool,

he begins to palings and pumice it. Using smaller hammer and

abrasive pads, he taps, he rubs and decorates. No one stops him. 

No one yanks the hammer out of his hands and says, “Go easy on  

that silver. You’ve pounded enough!” No, the craftsman buffets the

molecules of metal until He is finished with it. With some silversmiths,

I’m told, keep polishing until they can see their face in the tool they are 

making. When will God stop on you? When He sees His reflection in you.

The Lord will perfect that which concerns mePsalM 138:8 Jesus said, 

My Father never stops working.” John 5:17 @shepherdschapelcom davidb49


314.5k monthly viewers?


David Buckle  ><>
https://davidb is 50 now dig?

no thing can dissuade us, no weapon formed against us. see, it is all in the mind… our minds are fertile ground for satan to act out it’s devious activity by convincing us humankind to either do or not do. WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP! Do not get discouraged, you have the heART of God on you and your activity! we might think to ourselves:

“man, it doesn’t seem to be working; it’s not happening.”
Image of Frogboy, Taco Tuesday

Sold out


IT MAY NOT TIME, IF ‘IT’ (the event, or act, or whatever) IF IT’S IN HIS PLAN IT WILL BE FRUITFUL. YOU FEEL WHATEVER IS RIGHT THING IT WILL FRUIT! DO NOT EVER GIVE UP, confer with your conscience, you stand firm; understand life’s a battle, slings and arrows are every-where in the spirit-world that is all around U.S.; all the time we are down here on terra firma. Keep fighting The good fight! KEEP IT UP

If it’s in the plan be it will be. Enjoy struggle; it builds your armor!

Herein do we see the cross: that whatever matters that we may accomplish by our own does not require the cross; it is only when we allow the Lord to live in our lives so that He may be our things and our all do we need the cross. If He makes no move, how can we move? Oh how we need to ask God to deliver us from our good works just as we ask Him for deliverance from our sins. How often it is relatively easier to be delivered from sin (since sin is condemned) than be delivered from the natural life (since many the are neither condemned nor rejected.) wlSPER nOT ‘m trying not to, Maynard; SEE?

wlSPER nOT ‘m trying not to, Maynard; SEE?

don’t be harvested.



howdy Todd, long-time no see davidb49.WP collactiona2019

dig this? say; if’n y’u do

Love this the tribulation starting?

be fearless

L o V e y o u m y b i g e r s i s T er.

arise == ”best 1 – 1992″ dig? seek a decent & clean. avoid stuff with ‘5‘ in it

dig the You-Tube stuff; we watched, like way back. what idea stuff did i grow up on?

sorta relished, moods; revisited sort of history; do you feel it?, that and hear too=this;

IF you feel the need.

Mr. FatCat

What is the difference between USA and United States of America?
Why is the US referred to as America?

The reason why we are called America is because we are the only country in either North or South America with the word in our larger name, the United States of America.

Since we’re the only country with America in its name we have been called America and Americans for over 200 years; dig dig.

be cool

He saved my soul. Jesus‘s nothing greater, how He gave me peace within… no matter how you face it…

Love Leads

i came for water, but He gave me life.

We are His… what other was is there?

Love and care and pray;
never feel helpless to aid
those you love. I am their
help. As you obey Me and
follow My Teaching in your
daily life, you will bring that
help into operation.

So, if you desire to be used to save another, turn to your own life.
As far as you can, make it all that it should be. Let your influence
for Me extend ever further and further. Let Love be your balm for
all ills, Power in which you will break down all barriers. It stands,
too, for the Name of the God you love and serve. with His banner
floating over you, go in glad confidence to victory. Your task: to
help, strengthen, raise, heal. Only as you love will you do this.

a wrong party’s going to give criminals [border jumpers] medicaid? aborted baby blood’s on your hands; slut

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