Nov. 2nd, 5:22 PM 2020


is now November 2nd 2020

The Will of God i know i didn’t do anything wrong today.

God uses struggles to toughen our spiritual skin.

Consider it a gift, friend, when, test, challenges

arrive at our every side., you know that under a 

force beyond our control out faith-life is forced

into the open so all aware people take notice

as to how deep those true colors run inside

one’s being. We caution most to not try to 

escape circumstance prematurely. Let it 

do it’s work so we can become mature

and well-developed, no deficiency in

any way, shape or form. James 1:2

The craftsman places an ingot of 

silver on an anvil and pounds with 

a sledgehammer. Once the metal is 

flat enough for shaping, in a furnace it 

goes. The worker alternately heats and 

pounds the metal until it takes the shape 

of a tool he can use. Heating, pounding. 

Heating, pounding. Dead-lines, traffic. 

Arguments, disrespect. Loud sirens, 

silent-phones. Heating, pounding. Heating, pounding.

silence, phones. Heating, pounding. Heating, pounding.

Did you know that the smith in silversmith comes from the 

old english word smite? Silversmiths: accomplished smiters. 

So is God. Once a worker is satisfied with the form of his tool,

he begins to palings and pumice it. Using smaller hammer and

abrasive pads, he taps, he rubs and decorates. No one stops him. 

No one yanks the hammer out of his hands and says, “Go easy on  

that silver. You’ve pounded enough!” No, the craftsman buffets the

molecules of metal until He is finished with it. With some silversmiths,

I’m told, keep polishing until they can see their face in the tool they are 

making. When will God stop on you? When He sees His reflection in you.

The Lord will perfect that which concerns mePsalM 138:8 Jesus said, 

My Father never stops working.” John 5:17 @shepherdschapelcom davidb49


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no thing can dissuade us, no weapon formed against us. see, it is all in the mind… our minds are fertile ground for satan to act out it’s devious activity by convincing us humankind to either do or not do. WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP! Do not get discouraged, you have the heART of God on you and your activity! we might think to ourselves:

“man, it doesn’t seem to be working; it’s not happening.”
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IT MAY NOT TIME, IF ‘IT’ (the event, or act, or whatever) IF IT’S IN HIS PLAN IT WILL BE FRUITFUL. YOU FEEL WHATEVER IS RIGHT THING IT WILL FRUIT! DO NOT EVER GIVE UP, confer with your conscience, you stand firm; understand life’s a battle, slings and arrows are every-where in the spirit-world that is all around U.S.; all the time we are down here on terra firma. Keep fighting The good fight! KEEP IT UP

If it’s in the plan be it will be. Enjoy struggle; it builds your armor!

Herein do we see the cross: that whatever matters that we may accomplish by our own does not require the cross; it is only when we allow the Lord to live in our lives so that He may be our things and our all do we need the cross. If He makes no move, how can we move? Oh how we need to ask God to deliver us from our good works just as we ask Him for deliverance from our sins. How often it is relatively easier to be delivered from sin (since sin is condemned) than be delivered from the natural life (since many the are neither condemned nor rejected.) wlSPER nOT ‘m trying not to, Maynard; SEE?

wlSPER nOT ‘m trying not to, Maynard; SEE?

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